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Junior School Auditions - 27th January

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Founded in 1994, GAMTA remains unchallenged as the home and pioneer of world-class musical theatre training in Scotland; success which is evident in the now thriving and ground breaking second campus, located in the heart of the Welsh capital of Cardiff.


The GAMTA experience offers a unique two year BA Honours degree, with the opportunity of completing a Master’s degree in your third and final year.


Through a bespoke and rigorous approach to training, you will become a triple threat performer and creative artist. You will perform in your London Showcase in the third and final year,  attended by some of the best agents and casting directors in the Industry.  With a very high agent representation rate, it’s no surprise that an average 91% of students are working within nine months of graduation.


We are proud of our history and the unrivalled experience we offer our students. Our graduates enjoy exceptional feedback from the very best agents, directors, choreographers and casting directors.
Degree is validated by UWTSD

The Junior School

Experience a specialist musical theatre training whilst at school (7 years to 17 years)

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Your Triple Threat Performer Status

GAMTA training focuses on the art of combining your skills to create the triple threat performer; the best performers use all three skills together to tell a story; We specialise in teaching you how these skills become inextricably linked and train you to achieve industry level in each discipline.
Your training is intense, vocational and world class.

Your Industry Professional Tutors

You will be taught daily by industry performers, directors, choreographers and musical directors as well as professionals from visiting masterclasses. GAMTA is professional training, delivered by professionals.

You Will Be Industry Ready

Equal focus will be placed on each discipline; you will be challenged beyond your limits. You will be versatile, creative, reliable and desirable to company members and creatives.  You will be fully prepared for your London showcase where we will introduce you to the key players in the Industry; where your career begins.

GAMTA is a centre of excellence and innovation where the quality of the student experience is supreme; you will experience outstanding, practical, conservatoire training in acting, singing, and dance, with a special focus on bringing these key skills together to become a rounded, dynamic, thoughtful, triple-threat creative performer. We celebrate individuality and diversity and commit to developing the uniqueness of each and every student. The GAMTA experience provides the opportunity for you to become a thinking artist; a three-dimensional graduate who is creatively and artistically relevant in today’s exciting and fertile industry.

The BA Experience

A unique training; two year degree with third year Masters option and London Showcase


Our training exists nowhere else; here’s why…

The Audition

Be prepared for audition; succeed in your chosen career

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GAMTA produces some of the most individual and unique training in the United Kingdom with students to match
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