Performance Opportunities

Junior School Moments On Stage

Royal Concert Hall, SECC (or similar)

An annual experience

Medium Theatre (Mitchell, Eastwood, Websters or similar)

An annual experience for the upper school

Your child will perform in a large performance space as part of a large ensemble. They will work with professional sound and lighting engineers, professional choreographers and musical directors. Your child will learn how to perform successfully as part of a large ensemble.  Their class will have responsibility for their own section where possibilities for soloists and group performances exist.

When your child reaches S5/6 level, he/she will perform in a musical.  This will be performed in a small to medium sized public venue.  Both lead roles and ensemble will be cast from this company.  Your child will learn how to take responsibility for their role and as part of the ensemble.  They will also learn to develop their character and performance over a sustained period of time.

Studio 1 (The Brickhouse Theatre)

An annual experience

The Project

An annual experience for the upper school

Your child will enjoy the opportunity of featuring as a soloist, experiencing the process, excitement,  satisfaction and responsibility of being a solo performer. They will have the opportunity to perform their personal repertoire, developed over the year, to friends and family.  This is an exciting experience and also challenging since performing in a smaller venue requires a different set of performance skills.

Your child’s class will be invited to create a show of their own.  They will appoint a director, choreographer and production team to create a piece of musical theatre to be performed for an invited audience. This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for your child to develop their creative skills. They will have influence and decision making powers on how characters and story are developed, and have a viewpoint on what the audience sees and understands.

The BA Experience

A unique training; two year degree with third year Masters option and London Showcase


Our training exists nowhere else; here’s why…

The Audition

Be prepared for audition; succeed in your chosen career

The Junior School

Experience a specialist musical theatre training whilst at school (7 years to 17 years)

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