Gamta Views

Producers bet on sure fire hits

In the current climate of tightened belts, the threat of recession and rising inflation, theatre producers are relying on sure fire hits to fill theatres.   With recent new musicals closing after short runs such as Betty Blue Eyes and Love Never Dies, it seems shows such as South Pacific and Sound of Music still draw the crowds.   And with the rumoured transfer of Shrek to the Palace after the closure of Priscilla on 31st December, we also hear on the grapevine that there's a rumoured return of the original production of Miss Saigon to it's home, Theatre Royal Drury Lane.   Shows such as Les Mis and Phantom still pull the crowds but it does seem to be a tough time for new musicals at the moment.

TV Talent shows roll out again!

Yes Britain's Got Talent is back on our screens again once more with a whole host of the wierd and wonderful.   And of course, already auditioning, the now established X Factor once again seeks to find a new popstar to grace the UK Charts.   The debate rolls on about these shows - how much is truly a search for talent and how much merely a ratings vehicle for hard pressed viewer numbers!

Well it's really a bit of both!   Yes it's true these shows do expose some genuine talent and give others a platform who may not otherwise have achieved it - but there is also a hugely machine of researchers, production staff etc working behind the scenes to ensure that it becomes ratings heaven.

There is however, still no substitute for learning your craft and ensuring you get a good training - especially for careers such as musical theatre - which demand a high and sustained level of stamina and expertise from it's recruits!

Avenue Q - Coming soon to a Theatre near you!

At last, after many successful years in London's West End, 'Avenue Q' has announced a UK tour. The London run will finish on 30th October and the tour will start in February 2011 at the Theatre Royal, Bath.

The touring production is being produced by Theatre Royal Bath Productions Ltd, by arrangement with Kevin McCollum, Robyn Goodman, Jeffrey Seller, Vineyard Theatre, The New Group and Cameron Mackintosh.

No further venues or dates have yet been made available but be sure to catch this show when it comes to town. (Age restriction may apply due to material content)