The Audition

Applying for a place at GAMTA

When you visit GAMTA for the first time, usually for audition, we want your audition experience to reflect, where possible, the day to day reality as a student at GAMTA.  The student experience is passionate, energetic, fast-paced and challenging…satisfying and rewarding; Your audition day will be the same!

You can expect to be taken out of your comfort zone, challenged in ways you did not think possible, both physically and mentally, and inspired to know more about the industry you love. The audition day is full, dynamic, honest and fun, thought provoking and intense; fully reflecting the rigours and demands of the musical theatre industry today.

The Preparation

DramaticCoralReflective-resizedA Monologue

Please prepare a monologue from a play written after 1980.  The play must have been published (so not something from the internet) and have been produced.  The monologue should take between 1 and 2 minutes to perform.  It should be performed from memory.

We are interested in your understanding of the play as a whole, the decisions that you’ve taken about the character, and the level of detail in your work.  The monologue can be from a play or musical.  Your choice of piece and your ability to talk about it should demonstrate your genuine interest in theatre.  What sorts of roles do you enjoy acting or find challenging?  You can use or own accent, or another.  Please try not to bore us, disgust us or insult us!  We like laughing, and we like being moved.  And we want to like you.  Really, we do.

Two songs

Please prepare two songs of your own choice from published musical theatre repertoire. These should be contrasting in either style or period.  You will be required to bring sheet music so please ensure your music is in the correct key for you.  You will perform one song in the morning and, if recalled for the afternoon, you will be asked to perform your second song.

The Audition Day Schedule

  • 8:45am

    Meet and greet with GAMTA students.

  • 9:15am

    Welcome to GAMTA from Principal and Head of Courses.
    An informal chat about the training and to offer you an idea of what we are looking for today. This is your opportunity to ask lots of questions.

  • 9:45am

    Performance from GAMTA students.

  • 10am

    Jazz class with Head of Dance.

  • 11am

    Acting workshop with Head of Acting.

  • 12:15am

    Lunch with GAMTA students.

  • 12:45pm

    Ensemble singing class with singing tutor.
    Each candidate will be extracted from class to perform 16 bars of each song for Head of Singing and panel.

  • 2pm

    Selected students will be requested to stay for the afternoon session. Some students will be requested to stay for remainder of the day.

  • 2:15pm

    Ballet class with dance tutor.

  • 3pm

    Body Conditioning with Head of Dance.

  • 3:30pm

    Individual interview with Heads of each department and Principal, song and monologue.

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Helpful Audition Hints

It’s important to remember that the panel want you to perform at your best on the day.  We will be very positive for you, and excited by your interest and passion for theatre. We will be looking to see only the best in you.  We will want to learn as much about you as possible; who you are and what makes you tick: from personality and passions to hobbies and interests, including your wider views about the world! We are interested in everything about you, even about things you don’t like, but we’re more interested in why you don’t like them. In fact, don’t be surprised if, during the interview there are questions not related to theatre at all! Your personality, determination and work ethic is what determines your  progress and ultimately your success, so we are hugely interested in your potential and work ethic – not where your skills are at the moment, but where they can get to!

If you are already the perfect triple threat package, there’s no point in applying, is there?

On occasion, we may ask students to return on another date for recall.

Successful Candidates

You will be notified of the results of your audition by email usually within one week of your audition date. Should you be successful in gaining a place, you should advise the College of your acceptance as soon as possible; Due to the high volume of applicants and small number of places available, we cannot hold places.

You will not be fully confirmed as a student with your deposit if paid in full.  See  The Fees.

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