The Singer

Developing your voice with GAMTA

Our team of specialist tutors will take time to discover and develop the uniqueness of your voice through weekly, private singing lessons; you will be excited by the challenges they set, and surprised by what you can achieve vocally.  You  will learn to apply a range of singing techniques, whilst developing an extensive personal repertoire and a strong sense of musicality. You will participate in regular group singing classes, where you will learn musicianship, sight reading and theory skills, explore harmony and group repertoire: everything from Renaissance polyphony to work-shopping brand new musicals, with the composer in the room! Your tutor will help you discover how strong technique can help your acting through song skills.  Weekly performance class and acting through song classes will allow you to explore your potential, and develop your ability to make creative choices.

You will develop a trusted relationship with your dedicated singing tutor, giving you the confidence to fully explore your singing voice and what it’s  capable of. This is a slow and careful process, which takes place over a three-year period. Guided by your personal tutor, you will  develop your own vision of what you would like your singing voice to be, and together, you will create a new and exciting voice with breadth, depth, range, colour, character and a fully functioning and skilled technique.  Your voice will become versatile and three dimensional, being able to transcend styles; from legit to contemporary and pop to opera.

Your skills as a singer and artist will be multifaceted and wide ranging.

Are you ready to be the next generation performer?

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