The Faculty

Teaching staff with a wealth of experience

Over many years we have taken our time and experience to create a finely tuned team of professionals, who collectively develop the unique, multi-skilled, thinking artist.  Our students will be mentored by professionals who have experienced the world of theatre at first hand; professional actors, singers, dancers, choreographers, directors and academics, whose knowledge compliments, supports and challenges your learning.

Our Team

  • Work with experienced professionals who have been there, and done it
  • Work with world class acting,singing and dance technicians and performers from the UK and beyond
  • Work with learned academics, who will challenge the way you think and develop you as an artist
  • Work with industry performers through regular visiting masterclasses
  • Work with GAMTA graduates who are 'current' in the industry
Shaaron Graham
Christopher Breckenridge
Head of Singing
Tom Cooper
BA Course Leader / Head of Acting
Sean McFadden
Head of Dance
Pamela Killean
Dance Tutor
Caroline Dalglish-Graham
Antony Irwin
Head of Junior School / Singing Tutor
Singing Tutor
Jackie Bristow
Dance Tutor
Kerry Quinn
Singing Tutor
Natalie Paisey
Acting Tutor
Louise Mathieson – Consultant
Matthew McKenna – Consultant
John Holding
Production Manager