The GAMTA Experience

Professional level training

If  you are serious about a career as a performer, then GAMTA is the beginning of your journey.  Here, you will develop as an actor, singer, dancer, artist and all-round triple threat performer. Your skills, performance strengths and artistic integrity will become significantly strong in all areas, making you industry ready. You will graduate as actor, singer, dancer, in equal measure. You will be presented to the industry at London showcase as a unique and interesting artist who stands out from the crowd, with a broad range of options for employability.

The GAMTA team loves to nurture you, the individual;  we identify what is special and unique about you, and develop it. We are interested in you as a person and your potential as a performer, just as much as we are interested in your skills. Above all, we are interested in your passion, ambition, personality and approach to life, because these qualities will determine how far your potential and skills set can grow.

In short, we will take a special interest in developing you – your individuality, your creativity and your skills making you industry relevant and credible; that’s what makes GAMTA  a special learning environment and sets us apart from anywhere else.

As a GAMTA Musical Theatre student, you will be immersed in an intense and practical vocational training of industry level, focusing on all three major disciplines of musical theatre and performance: singing, dance and acting.

Your Journey

You can expect to be physically and mentally challenged in ways you didn’t think possible.  Our industry experienced tutors will set goals for you and there can be no doubt that the training is fast-paced, dynamic, thought-provoking, and intense at times. You will embark on an exciting pathway designed to fully develop your skills, creativity and critical thinking. You will be encouraged and supported through an intense physical and psychological journey, exploring all strands of musical theatre and performance.  You can expect to be physically and mentally challenged  in ways you did not think possible; inspiring you to know more about the industry you love.

You will access the truth as an actor and creative artist.

Your Training

You will be in class for a minimum of thirty five hours per week, and more during productions periods.

Your classes will include: acting; scene analysis, devising, improvisation, acting through song, acting for camera, voice, phonetics.  Singing; singing technique; private singing lesson (weekly), ensemble singing, sight reading, music theory.  Dance; Jazz, ballet, contemporary, commercial, tap, pas de deux, pointe, boys’ class, stage combat, body conditioning. Other regular classes include; contextual studies, performance class, audition prep, and professional producing practise which is creating your own performance for a public audience. There are short breaks between classes with the day finishing between 5pm and 6pm.

GAMTA students have time to enjoy a social life and earn through part time employment; the training is intense,  but it has to be fun too!

Are you ready to be the next generation performer?

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