Graduate Company

Bletherbox is a young theatre company, formed in Glasgow in 2016. The work we make is fired by the energy of Glasgow, and we plan to tour work across Scotland and beyond.

Our work is contemporary: the theatre we make, whether old or brand new, reflects and interrogates the world today.

Our work is physical: we work with actors with backgrounds in ballet and physical theatre, and believe in exploring narrative through dynamic, inventive physical storytelling.

Our work is musical: we use music as a key and central feature of all our work, and are interested in exploring the function of music in storytelling in new and experimental ways.

Our work is exhilarating: we create powerful theatrical events driven by character and story


In 1987 a young Scottish artist spends a week on a North Sea oil platform, creating a series of paintings and prints that record the lives of those that work there. A year later, that platform, Piper Alpha, is ripped apart in a series of explosions. 167 men lose their lives. PART OF THE PICTURE is not a straightforward account of this terrible tragedy, but an exploration of art, memory, and how the rest of the world understands the industrial world. It examines how we deal privately with very public tragedy.