The Actor

Become a truthful, generous & compelling actor

Our mission at GAMTA is for each and every student to become a truthful, generous and compelling actor. Your range of study is therefore exhaustive. You will explore a large variety of texts and styles, including physical theatre, commedia dell’arte, animal studies, improvisation, contemporary British and American drama, and the widest possible range of musical theatre. A whole term is devoted to Shakespeare and verse-speaking skills, with these skills then applied to the acting of song lyrics. The work is Stanislavsky-based, with other practitioners work such as Meisner, Strasberg, Stafford-Clark and Michael Chekhov, thoroughly explored. Audition preparation, including classical and contemporary monologue study, is taught throughout the course.

Your study will begin (in level four), by exploring your own physicality and voice; how to use these to create character, and employing a range of exercises influenced by Stanislavski, Meisner and others to do this. You will learn how to use first-hand observation of human and animal behaviour in your acting, and create a piece of theatre based on these for in-house performance. You will  explore a variety of texts – plays, old and new, musical libretti and song lyrics – and realise a playwright and composer’s intentions in creating a world, relationships and stories.

During level five, you will explore contemporary and classical texts, developing a deeper understanding of text analysis and how to apply this to character development. You will learn a variety of techniques and approaches to the speaking of classical verse drama, including the work of Shakespeare, and be able to apply these approaches to song lyrics. You will explore a variety of approaches to devising and character-creation, and develop a piece of theatre through this process.

By level six, the end of your training, you will emerge as an actor who is honest, truthful and generous, with integrity. Your skills and creativity will be of a standard making you employable in any actors company.

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