The Creative Artist

Building fully rounded artists

During your third year, (level six), you will be challenged to explore your instincts and skills as director/choreographer, by creating your own piece of theatre.  You will produce, market and perform this piece to a paying, public audience. This process will prepare you for working life in several valuable ways; You will experience what it means to create your own work, market it, and perform it; essentially, be your own boss. You will develop skills enabling you to work independently; learning to create your own employment opportunities through a medium of the arts you love and have trained in – a useful process to employ during  ‘resting’ periods as an actor. The work may range from cabaret performances and small scale, musical productions to community based theatre or  theatre in education workshops.

Throughout your GAMTA years you will experience many opportunities for performance, from in-house, abridged productions of musicals and plays, to cabarets and solo performance.  At the end of your second year, and throughout your third year, you will perform in a variety of fully staged musicals and concerts, presented in a variety of public venues from intimate studio spaces to Royal Concert halls with a capacity of three thousand strong.

The course is designed to develop the thinking professional; a skilled performer with creative ideas and opinions,  making you interesting, valuable and employable to a company. You will have a creative and stimulating imagination, capable of making your own work which will be inventive and new. You will be inspired by a thought or idea, or perhaps just a flight of fancy, which you will present with a new viewpoint, or fresh thought; new and interesting enough perspective to captivate an audience.

We will stir a curiosity in you, we will identify a uniqueness in you and we will encourage you to develop an idea in the same way.

We look for what is unique about you and develop that

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