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Dance & Movement Training with GAMTA

Whilst your training as a dancer will focus on developing your technical skills, you will also become a creative artist who is able to communicate emotionally with an audience, through the medium of dance.

On a daily basis you will be immersed in rigorous dance classes in ballet, jazz, commercial, modern, contemporary, pas de deux, tap, body conditioning and stage combat. Ballet will  develop a strong and dynamic core technique, reinforcing all other areas of your dance. Jazz class will introduce you to dance for musical theatre where  you will develop an understanding of genre, style and technique.  Your developed knowledge of leading practitioners will  influence and enhance both your own skills in dance, and the dance you create. You will be inspired to develop your own style in your work,  as well as developing references to leading exponents of dance.   Your will study the work of choreographers such as Bob Fosse, Martha Graham, Alvin Ailey, Jerome Robbins, George Balanchine, enriching your understanding of the art form.

Any credible performing arts training will recognise the importance of movement and dance for the actor/singer; the three strands are inextricably linked. GAMTA teaches students who have never danced before and who may until now, have considered themselves actor/singers.  GAMTA ensures that every student considers their full potential across the disciplines; We ensure you become a secure, confident and skilled triple threat; today’s musical theatre industry requires the multi-disciplined performer – we make sure our training reflects this.

You will be introduced to choreographers such as Bob Fosse, Martha Graham, Alvin Ailey, Jerome Robbins, George Balanchine

You will explore repertoire from iconic musical theatre productions and influential choreographers, inspiring and developing your own stylistic understanding of dance in musical theatre. You will study classical ballet to develop posture, weight placement, strength and control; this training will assist in the development of your skills in other areas of dance and will also have a positive influence on your movement skills as an actor. Tap dance will develop sound rhythmic skills, musicality and coordination, and will encompass a wide variety of tap styles. Pas de deux will teach you about successful partner work. Contemporary dance will encourage your creative skills as a dancer; you will be free to experiment, be creative and explore the power of telling a story through dance. Body conditioning will further develop your core fitness, flexibility, cardio vascular strength and stamina and encourage you to develop your own personal fitness.

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