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Whether your child is a complete beginner or experienced and looking for specialist training, your child deserves the very best experience!

Beginners classes at GAMTA

GAMTA welcomes the absolute beginner; the child who just loves dancing, singing and acting around the house.  For our beginners we offer a fun-filled experience for three hours per week, usually on a Saturday morning or afternoon.  Classes in song and dance and acting offer a chance for your child to love learning in a creative, positive and supportive environment! GAMTA beginners courses start from as little as £5 per hour or £60 per month. (No fees are charged for performances). Our beginners are also included in any professional casting opportunities. Recruitment is via our regular Open Days so call us now on 0141 354 0483 to book your free place for next one!… its happening shortly!


We look forward to introducing your child to The Junior School at GAMTA;  an exceptional place where your child will be excited and stimulated by inspiring training and wonderful performance opportunities. The Junior School at GAMTA offers an opportunity for young people who show an outstanding talent and potential for the performing arts; Your child will be nurtured by our fully qualified and experienced team of tutors.  We will ensure that your child will be supported in our caring environment, nurtured by our passionate and experienced tutors and encouraged to become the person and performer they aspire to be.  Fostering creativity and aiming for excellence at all times, GAMTA provides a community for talented young people who have a passion for musical theatre and a drive to excel.  Your child will become part of an environment which is exciting, creative, thought provoking, character building and challenging. Your child will not only develop excellent skills as a performer but become curious, creative, passionate, communicative and confident.

The Curriculum


our child will study all aspects of musical theatre whilst at GAMTA attending from as little as 6 hours per week as beginners, up to 16 hours per week for specialist training. Our students are between the ages of 5 years and 17 years, (P3 to S6), and have a passion for musical theatre.  The Junior School student programme covers everything required for successful training in the world of modern musical theatre: acting skills, devising skills, improvisation, voice, acting through song, solo singing technique, ensemble singing, music theory, ballet, jazz, tap, body conditioning and project.   Your child will be influenced and taught by top industry professionals; performers, directors, choreographers and musical directors, all of whom will want to encourage and inspire your child.  More importantly, the team will alert your child to their own creative possibilities; in other words, encourage them to be the best they can be!

Classes take place across evenings and weekends. GAMTA is approved by the Scottish Qualifications Authority to deliver NPA musical theatre, Higher dance and Higher drama awards, enabling our older students in S5 and S6 to lighten their workload at school, or help the diversity of their subject choices at school.

Performance Opportunities

By offering a range of performance experiences, your child will be excited and challenged; from musicals and plays to cabaret and pantomime; and across mediums, from theatre to television and film. Your child will experience the challenges of performing in the intimacy of our own Studio Theatre whilst also being inspired when performing in the magnificent surroundings of the Royal Concert Hall, where GAMTA’s annual awards ceremony and show takes place.

Each child achieves their individual potential. Students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and develop a wider understanding of theatre and performance from technical to creative. Our inspirational team will guide and encourage your child to make their own creative choices and drive their practical skills forward by setting appropriate challenges.

Junior School Performance Opportunities

Our Junior school students enjoy a wealth of performance opportunities in theatre, film and television through our production company and our children’s agency GTA

Unique Student - Unique GAMTA

We are dedicated to making our Junior students accomplished performers, prepared, skilled and ready for entry to top Colleges across UK and the world such as Mountview, ARTSED, Guildford, Urdang, American Academy of Dramatic Arts etc. and of course our own successful three year  Musical Theatre Industry Training; the only one of its kind in the UK.

GAMTA is proud of its pioneering reputation in creating unique learning pathways in musical theatre training for children and young people, and we are exceptionally proud to be recognised as being responsible for introducing cross discipline, musical theatre training to Scotland some 22 years ago. GAMTA is acknowledged as leading the way in this specialist area of performing arts by delivering the practical training of singing, dancing and acting but crucially focusing on how those three skills come together; our approach is unique.

Our core teaching team will commit to fully understanding your child’s individuality whilst introducing them to a variety of industry professionals by participating in masterclasses which further broaden their knowledge and experience.

We look forward to welcoming you and we are excited by the possibility of making a difference to the personal and creative development of your child who will be encouraged to discover their boundaries and push beyond them wherever possible.

We can’t wait to meet you!

The GAMTA Team.

Are you ready to be part of our success story?

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Who should apply for the Junior School?

We look for a skill in one out of the three areas and potential and a keen interest in developing the others. We are interested in meeting singers, dancers and actors but we are also interested in young people with no training but are hugely excited about learning.

We are looking for young people who are passionate about theatre and performing and genuinely interested in making their skills better. We are looking for students who love the process of learning; whilst ‘being famous’ is exciting, we want to be able to give our students the skills which will allow them to enjoy a lifetime of performing. Think of good training as a marathon, not a sprint. If you spend time preparing you will last longer in the industry and have more to offer when it comes to casting – you will notice your strong skills will take you much further in castings, you’ll get more call backs and better. We will provide our child with an experience and skills set which will take them through childhood into success in the adult musical theatre world.

The GAMTAPRO experience

A unique training; two year degree with third year Masters option and London Showcase


Our training exists nowhere else; here’s why…

The Audition

Be prepared for audition; succeed in your chosen career

The Junior School

Experience a specialist musical theatre training whilst at school (7 years to 17 years)

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