The Junior Audition

Apply for a place at GAMTA Juniors

GAMTA holds auditions regularly across the academic year, usually on a monthly basis. Start dates occur throughout the year depending on the age of your child and which course your child is offered.

We look for your child to have a skill in one out of the three areas, with potential and a keen interest in developing the others. We are interested in meeting singers, dancers and actors but we are also interested in meeting young people with no training, who are simply excited about performance and learning.

Your child will be passionate about theatre and performing and genuinely interested in improving their skills. We are looking for students who love the process of learning; whilst ‘being famous’ is exciting, we give our students a skills set which allows them to enjoy a lifetime of performing!

Why not call the office and speak with our REGISTRAR on 0141 354 0483?

How to Apply

You should go to the part of the website that says ‘APPLY NOW’.

  • Complete the application as fully as you can and then submit it.
  • You can expect a call from our REGISTRAR within 48 hours of your submitted application who will chat through any questions you may have.
  • They will offer you a private audition date. (This will usually be within one to two weeks of your application being received)
  • You will receive a welcome email confirming your audition date and other helpful information.


In the meantime why not call our REGISTRAR who will be happy to chat through any questions you may have.  Call 0141 354 0483.

What to prepare for Junior audition

mark-and-chiara-readIn our welcome pack you will receive a list of age appropriate songs, (complete with lyrics and sheet music), as well as a choice of age appropriate monologues.   Your child should either, use these for audition or, as suggestions to influence your child’s own choice.

If your child chooses their own pieces, they should be no longer that 1 minute 30 seconds for the song, and a further 1 minute 30 seconds for the monologue.

If you decide to make your own choices on material, please make sure

you bring sheet music for the song, and ensure it is in the correct key for your child.
make sure the acting piece is from a published work
both song and acting piece should be performed from memory
You should bring/wear comfortable clothing or dancewear that you can move around in. You should not wear jewellery and long hair should be tied back.

You will need water and a small healthy snack.

The Junior Audition Day

Your child’s audition will most probably take place during a weekday evening, and will consist of two parts;

Part 1

Your child will be invited to attend three classes in singing, dance and acting along with the existing GAMTA students. This will be a valuable experience as well as an opportunity to meet GAMTA students and ask questions.

Part 2

Following class, your child will be invited to perform their prepared pieces for our Head of Junior School and tutors from each discipline; the tutors will have already worked with your child during class.

After the performance, the team will chat to you about theatre and what you love about it, but also about things other than performance, such as school or hobbies, siblings, books you like to read, or music you like; we want to find out about you!

Remember! The audition should be fun! And it’s a two-way thing – you and your child will want to find out all about GAMTA, and we will want to find out all about you!

Ready to book your audition?

Apply Now

Your audition result

We will write to you within seven working days to let you know the results of your audition.

On acceptance Parents and child will be invited to a meeting with the Principal. This is an opportunity to talk through the course, get to know you a little, ask questions and establish a dialogue between the teaching team, parents and student; we need to get to know a little about the family in order to fully understand and support your child.

Starting dates will depend on which course your child is offered but will generally be within one month of offer of place. If your child is offered a place in the senior courses, e.g. S3/4 or S5/6 start dates may be 6 months in advance or for the next academic year, due to the nature of the work.

Helpful Audition Hints

It’s really important to remember that the panel want you to do well and perform at your best on the day. We will be very positive for you and excited by your interest in and passion for theatre and performing. We will be looking to see only the best in you. Of course we will be interested in what your training and performance experience has been until now but equally we are excited by the prospect of meeting young people at audition who have had no experience at all – but show lots of potential!

We are very interested in the things you like – and don’t like, but more interested in why you like or don’t like them. We are interested in getting to know you – your personality, your determination and how hard you work are really important to us; maybe even more important than how well you dance, sing or act, because these things tells us how hard you will work, what you are likely to make of the GAMTA opportunity and as a result, how much you are likely to progress!

Above all, we are mostly interested in your potential so it’s not necessarily important for you to be skilled in all three areas – it’s more important that we can see where you could be in years to come!

If you are already fabulous, there’s no point in applying, is there?

We can’t wait to meet you!

Successful Candidates

Successful candidates will be notified of the results of the audition by email within two weeks of the audition date.  Due to the small number of places available, please accept your place as soon after the offer is made as possible.

For payment terms and fees details See  The Junior FEES.

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