Course Terms & Conditions

Course Terms & Conditions

All Part Time Courses i.e. SF, PREP, INT & PTMT


THE Course and Movement within it

The student's training course is recommended as a minimum period of three years and students may not move up class EVERY year.  Whilst there are challenges tutors may opt to keep the child in the class and of course each class has a two year structure.   In the event of the student's leaving before the expiration of the full period, one month's notice in writing shall be given. Students are assessed and/or audition in June of every academic year to secure their place on the course for the following year.  The course is designed as the beginnings of a vocational training and expectations for both Tutor and student are greater.

Extra Commitment

Term-time may include extra calls for rehearsal/ purposes etc..  Advance notice of these will be issued via memo as far in advance as is possible. However we do expect our vocational students to make every attempt to attend whenever possible - even at short notice.

Termination of Course

The Academic Board may terminate the course of tuition of any student at any time, at its absolute discretion and without giving any reason.  In that event, no further fees shall be payable by the student but the student shall not be entitled to claim the return of any fees already paid. The student undertakes to complete the full course; however, the student's progress and development are under regular review and the Academic Board holds the right at the end of any term to terminate the course of any student who, in the opinion of the Board and staff, is not making adequate progress, not improving their physical fitness, not reaching the required standard or is unacceptably late or missing for classes or calls.

Professional Engagements

The student shall not apply for or respond to any offer for interview or audition, or accept, any engagement within the profession, salaried or unsalaried, of any description during his/her training period, without first obtaining the written permission of the Principal of GAMTA.  The Academy receives unsolicited casting information and reserves the right at its sole discretion to promote students of GTA Agency when and where appropriate.  Those students not registered with GTA will not be proposed.  All professional engagements obtained by the student whilst under contract in training to GAMTA are subject to commission charges.  GTA undertakes to negotiate professional engagement contracts on behalf of the students. (See GTA terms and Conditions)

Participation in Amateur Productions

No student may participate in an amateur theatre production of any nature.  This participation extends to performing, and/or and directorial, production assistant or choreographic capacity.  Students may participate in all school activities

  • No student may participate in any reality television audition under any circumstances.


7Students may not be absent from classes or calls without previous permission, except in the case of illness.  The general office must be notified of illness (where required, a medical certificate must be supplied), and of absence for any other unavoidable cause.  Students must attend punctually all classes and calls arranged for them and have no choice in the selection of their tutors or directors.  They have no right to demand a part in any production or project as cast.


Notice in writing

In the event of the student's leaving before the expiration of the full period, one month's notice in writing shall be given

External Tuition ( out with GAMTA)

Students are not permitted to arrange private lessons or coaching outside the Academy, nor  attend outside courses without permission of the Principal.  Students who feel they may need additional lessons or coaching are encouraged to discuss this with their Head of Department.

Students are required throughout the entire period of their course to maintain their physical fitness and personal appearance.

Payments of Fees

All fees must be paid in advance on the first day of the month by Direct set out in the section of the website headed 'Payment of Fees'.  Should GAMTA fail to receive these fees WITHIN THE FOLLLOWING FOURTEEN DAYS, the student will be exclude from class until fees are paid in full.  Parents will also lose the ability to pay monthly thus the entire terms fee will then be payable. No fees are returnable in the case of any student's leaving after the beginning of a term for illness or any other reason whatsoever.


No student shall be entitled to the award of any examinations undertaken unless all fees for tuition and any other sums due to GAMTA have been paid and all Academy property returned.

Unexpected closure

Should  the Academy require  to close in term time due to reasons beyond its reasonable control, no fees can be returned nor any compensation made for training lost through the Academy's inability to carry on its work.

Teaching Team and Curriculum

15. Please Note: The syllabus, teaching personnel, and patterns of classes and calls for all courses may be subject to change without prior notice.



Your commitment to GAMTA

What we expect from you


You must be trainable. You have to understand the role of the Academy and tutor as well as what is expected of the actor. You have to work with tutors on solving technical problems that are inhibiting your work as an actor.  You have to trust that your tutor is working towards an achievable goal.

You have to recognise that this is an active partnership. Be open to all possibilities and learn to greet the unexpected: you need to be prepared to be uncomfortable. The role of the actor takes courage and a willingness to confront what is unknown.

You must bring to your classes the highest level of commitment, participating fully and sustaining this beyond the fatigue barrier.

Communicate if you are unavoidably prevented from being on time or are going to miss a class.

Make your training and the pursuit of your goal a priority, central to all your thinking. Inquire into the nature of your craft and business in all its aspects. Take responsibility for being an actor and an artist wherever you may be.

Spend time studying beyond formal classes.  Rehearse scenes and monologues, go and see productions. Practise your techniques out with class and develop good practice.