Welcome to GAMTA Juniors!

In this section, prospective Parents may find out about the many Courses and performance opportunities GAMTA has to offer its school age children and young people.

These Courses range from a beginners introduction to Musical Theatre to our National Progresson Award (NPA) Qualification Course for those PTMT Advanced Students wishing to pursue a career in the profession; from small 'in house' studio performances to fully produced musicals and revues.

GAMTA is unique in that we offer our students a very personal experience. GAMTA thrives on the positive, supportive and friendly ethos it creates - an ethos often commented on by our many visitors. Creating such an environment allows our students to develop the confidence to try new things, develop ideas, and feel comfortable and supported in the process. So, it's not only about the specific performance skills your child will acquire but rather, GAMTA looks to develop the individual and encompass those all important life skills. GAMTA develop confidence in their children and young people.

With the crucial support of tutors and peers, the GAMTA student feels comfortable making their own decisions and being able to develop their own 'uniqueness' as an individual - That's what makes the GAMTA student so special!