Professional Course Fees

The fees for First Years entering in 2012/13 are as follows:

Cost per Academic Year                                                     £8000.00

Broken down as follows:
Students Awards Agency Tuition Fees Contribution (approx)  £1205.00
Personal Contribution (Via Parents, Student Loan or YSB)     £6795.00

Paid as follows:
Deposit                                     £1000.00 on acceptance
12 Standing Order payments       £483.00 per month (Aug - Jul)

Where does my personal contribution come from?

Personal means or;
Parental contribution or:
Student Loan Funding (income dependant) or;
Young Student Bursary (income dependant)


1. You can apply for SAAS / SFI and Student Loan and Bursary Funding.
2. Award of tuition fees from SAAS/SFI is dependant upon your eligibility.
Ie. If you have previously been funded for a Higher Education course,
you may not be eligible to have your Tuition Fees paid.
3. Young Student Bursaries and Student Loan funding are means tested against
Parental Income.

4. Tuition fee support amount in Scotland is set at (approx) £1205.00 regardless of parental means.  Tuition fee support amount in England varies accordinging to parental income and is means tested by SFI - the amount awarded by SFI will have a bearing on the monthly standing order payment you will make to GAMTA.

Please be advised that fees may rise each Academic Year. Fees are non-refundable.